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Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable waste management systems aim to reduce the quantity of natural resources consumed, while ensuring that any resources already taken from nature are reused/ recycled many times, and that the amount of waste produced is kept to a minimum. be'ah is managing the waste in a sustainable manner that is socially acceptable, financially cost effective and environmentally responsible. Through Environmental - reduced energy, fuel, water and material use, less waste and emissions leading to better carbon footprint, reduced risk of environmental incidents, Economic - reduced cost of materials, resources and waste management and improved productivity, Social - better use of human resource potential and increased respect and recognition in the workplace leading to improved staff engagement, innovation and productivity. The be'ah approach contributing to a more sustainable Oman by:

  • Advancing technologies to reduce waste
  • Increasing recycling and reuse
  • Creating even safer treatment and disposal options
  • Developing sources of renewable energy
  • Reducing Carbon emissions
  • Conservation of resources
  • Increasing the In Country Value
  • Supporting the national economy
  • Public Awarenes


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