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One of be'ah's most important objectives is to support Oman's economy by creating business opportunities in the field of waste management.

be'ah welcomes all interested entrepreneurs to register through the website to express and discuss business plans and business opportunities.



be'ah is currently investigating various avenues for processing/recycling of green waste in Oman.

Green waste is biodegradable waste namely garden or park waste, such as grass/weed or small trees cutting, and tree branches trimming

We are looking for Best Available Technologies (BAT) for treating green waste for the purpose of domestic/agriculture applications for example, manufacturing of organic fertilizer, taking into account all environmental and health risk impacts prevention issues.



be'ah is in the process of establishing a master plan for WEEE management, and to be part of its integrated waste management services system in Oman

We are looking for technologies and state-of-the-art methodologies for WEEE management in terms of collection, transportation, storage and treatment without causing damages to human health and the environment.



be'ah strategy works on moving towards sustainable Construction & Demolition(C&D) Waste management practices in collaboration with local stakeholders.

In 2014 be'ah undertooke C&D waste management as result of the demolition of 9,948 houses along the Al Batinah coastal areas, for the purpose of construction of roads.



be'ah intended to establish national collection systems for the recovery and treatment of end-of-life vehicles in selected Governorates in Oman . Typically, an end-of-life vehicle is a passenger car or a light commercial van that to be handled as one of be'ah's waste stream

be'ah managing ELVs for the purpose of parts reuse and materials recovery for manufacturing of different types of raw materials ,which are to be used in diverse industrial processes.

be'ah will take all necessary means to protect human health and environment as results of ELVS chemicals and other hazardous substances discharge in the public environment.



be'ah is taking steps in managing ELT piles found in public environment especially in disposal sites that posing health threats and damages to the environment. The sustainability of the intended strategic planning in be'ah will design and implement state-of-the-art ELT management in terms of collection, storage and treatment in the Sultanate of Oman.



Globally, LAB is classified to be a hazardous waste; be'ah has already started streamlining methodologies that are adopted internationally in how to manage such waste. The current practices in recovering used LAB components especially lead are not acceptable which cause threats to human health and the environment. be'ah considers used LAB an important stream and intended to integrate hazardous waste management set-up


Private Sector Initiatives

Private Sector Initiative is for enterprises that are interested to undertake waste management activities, which are not limited to collection, transportation, re-use, treatment and recycling of different waste streams.



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