Ever since be’'ah took over waste management operations across the Sultanate of Oman, sustainability has remained at the core of every strategy the organization has devised. be’'ah'’s pillars of sustainability have grown stronger and continue carrying the responsibility to create and maintain better, healthier and safer environment, economy and community. be'’ah'’s sustainability strategies together form an ecosystem wherein every single goal is linked to the larger goal. Achieving a circular economy in Oman through harnessing the potential of the waste management sector to make positive impacts on the environment, the economy and society.

Environmental Center of Excellence

be'ah believes that a robust waste management eco-system is intrinsically connected to protecting and preserving the environment. Committed to this belief,  be’'ah established the Environmental Center of Excellence (ECE) to become  an industry-leader in the region. The Center will be dedicated to promoting research and development, innovation and knowledge-sharing pertaining to the environment and waste management in particular. In order to encourage a culture of fostering new ideas in these areas, the ECE works closely with colleges and universities, the Research Council of Oman, MECA and other partners who share the same vision. the center consists of be'ah Academy, which aspires to become a knowledge hub to develop the right practices towards creating a sustainable future.