Municipal Waste

be’'ah is committed to creating a roadmap of excellence by working assiduously towards building a sustainable waste management ecosystem and building an infrastructure that is streamlined and successful. It outsourced waste management operations across various governorates to specialized companies. Waste management service contracts cover allocation, maintenance and sterilization of adequate numbers of bins in order to ensure clean surroundings (around a perimeter of 20 meters each), in addition to waste collection and transfer to engineered landfills. be'’ah gradually spread its services to all governorates, it has expanded its reach to 100% of Oman'’s population. 

Waste Management Operations Across Governorates: 

South Al Sharqiyah Governorate and Wilayat Mahout 

be’'ah launched municipal solid waste management operations in South Al Sharqiyah in December 2015. Its services now cover the entire governorate in addition to Wilayat Mahout in Al Wusta. ECOVISION Suma, the operating company for these areas has so far provided 10,296 bins and currently deploys 103 collection trucks going through four Transfer Stations. In 2019, an average 281 tonnes of was generated daily from South Al Sharqiyah governorate and the Wilayat of Mahout. 

South Al Batinah Governorate 

As many as 17,797 bins have been installed and over 111 collection trucks deployed for waste management operations in South Al Batinah since January 2016, when be'’ah took over operations in the governorate, appointing Urbaser as the operating company. 

Al Dakhiliyah Governorate

Since be’'ah began Al Dakhiliyah operations in November 2016, the governorate has been facilitated with 22,153 bins operations. Averda, an international operator with many years of experience in the field is the current waste management services operator in thr govrnorate. 

Dhofar Governorate

be’'ah began services in Dhofar in January 2017, appointing Averda as the operator. As many as 17,898 bins were placed across the governorate in 2019 and 474 tonnes of waste generated per day. 

Al Dhahirah Governorate

be'’ah'’s waste management operations in Al Dhahirah and Al Buraimi governorates are carried out by Al Ramooz National Veolia in one contract. In
Al Dhahirah, the operations were launched in February 2017.

Al Buraimi Governorate

When be'’ah'’s operations in Al Buraimi Governorate were launched in March 2017, it appointed Al Ramooz Veolia as the service operator.
The operator distributed a total of 5,414 bins across the Governorate.

North Al Batinah Governorate

North Batinah operations started in March 2017, through the appointed service provider, Imdad Al Batinah. The contract for Musandam governorate was also given to the same operator early 2017. The operator distributed a total of 27,315 bins in North Al Batinah.

Musandam Governorate

Operations in Musanadm governorate started in March 2017. The service provider in the governorate is Imdad Al- Batinah. The service provider distributed a total of 3,273 bins in Musandam

Muscat Governorate

The operations of Muscat is divided into two contracts, Muscat 2 (Wilayt A’Seeb and part of Bausher) and Muscat 1 (part of Bausher, Qurum, Al- Amerat, Quriyat, Muttrah). The waste management services commenced in Muscat 2 in 2017 and in Muscat 1 in 2019. By end of 2019, the service provider distributed 33,676 bins. 

Al Wusta Governorate

be'’ah started providing its services in Al Wusta governorate in September 2019 through the service provider Renaissance Sager Environmental Solutions. With an average of 54 tonnes of waste generated in Al Wusta per day, the operator distributed 3,038 bins.

North Al Sharqiya Governorate

Al Ramooz Veolia started its operations in North Al Sharqiya in June 2019. The service provider distributed around 15,419 bins with 169 tonnes of waste generated daily on average.