Municipal Waste

Most traditional dumpsites are areas where waste is openly dumped without regard to health and safety of the people and the environment. The practice of open dumping can lead to various environmental and health hazards. be’ah is closing all traditional sites and replacing them with engineered landfills, where feasible. These cutting edge landfills which are compacted and lined, are designed to accept municipal solid waste for final disposal in a secure and safe manner, minimizing the risk to people and the environment. Transfer stations are also being established where waste can be stored and accumulated before transporting to appropriate disposal facilities.


The strategy for developing the Municipal Solid Waste sector involves setting up facilities in all governorates across the country to ensure uninterrupted waste management 24 hours a day. This includes outsourcing 10 contracts to cover all governorates, establishing over 12 landfills and up to 25 transfer stations.

be'ah sees the future of waste management in a positive light, playing a key role in bringing about transformation. As the transition requires taking over from the municipalities, be'ah is committed towards streamlining processes and aims to address rising challenges in a systematic and structured approach. This includes, careful monitoring, supervision and phased roll out to ensure positive results. The objective is to deliver an integrated waste management system which is truly world-class.

be'ah is fielding a team of highly dedicated and committed people to take on the task and challenge to bring about a safe and reliable waste management system in the Sultanate. In addition, be’'ah is utilizing the best equipment and most efficient technology to address the sustainability challenges related to waste operation. The objective is to ensure a safe and healthy future for the current and future generations of Omanis.



South Al-Sharqiya
South and North Al-Batinah,
Al- Dakhilya
Al- Dhaira
Al- Buriami
Al Wusta (38% service coverage)
Muscat (57% service coverage)