be'ah aims to empower its people by creating an environment which is conducive to work on and setting a clear vision and specified goals to create an emotional connection between employees and the company'’s mission to ‘conserve our beautiful Oman for future generations’.
  • ​Empowerment through knowledge exchange
  • Skill development
  • Learning through training
  • Alignment of goals and vision
be'ah develops staff to meet the required international standards in waste management. be'’ah’ HR recruits the best Omani talent the market has to offer. 

Available Vacancies

OHS Specialist

Department: Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Qualification: Bachelor Degree

Experience: 4 – 6 years’ relevant experience required.

Major: Health and Safety

Job Description: Job Purpose:

To participate in the implementation of the Integrated Management System (Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Quality Assurance (QA) to ensure be’ ah’s services and operational activities achieve quality excellence.

Key Responsibilities:

Lead the coordination with contractors and related parties for the collection, collation, and management of Act as the focal point for acquiring IMS certification and work closely with consultants, certification bodies, and core business teams to ensure the process is managed in a smooth, efficient, and timely manner.

Develop a plan and conduct audits to check on the implementation status of QMS & QA/QC across be’ ah.

Inspect workplace operational activities as per plan to ensure compliance with QMS & QA/QC.

Identify and report on gaps in performance and non-compliance to ensure corrective actions are taken in a timely manner.

Carry out periodic checks across the Organization to check actions & observations resulting from the audits are addressed.

Maintain QMS & QA/QC-related documentation and information in a safe and confidential manner.

Review QMS & QA/QC-related documentation provided by the contractors and monitor their performance to ensure they remain in compliance with the applicable guidelines and contractual terms.

Participate in QHS-related accident/incident investigations.

Collect, collate and analyze QMS & QA/QC-related data to identify trends and patterns that may impact HS operations.

Participate in the emergency response team and ensure compliance with all company policies and procedures.

Conduct awareness training to be’ah teams on the requirements of IMS standards, responsibility, scope & contribution.

Adhere to all relevant quality, health, safety, and QHS procedures, instructions, controls, and role-specific QHSE-related KPIs in order to guarantee the safety of employees, quality of products/ services, and OHSal compliance.


Junior GIS Analyst

Department: Environmental Center of Excellence

Qualification: Bachelor Degree

Experience: Fresh Graduate

Major: Geography

Job Description: Job Purpose:

To manage the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to ensure accurate and timely provision of required geo services such as digitizing maps, data geoprocessing, and analysis.

Key Responsibilities:

Utilize designated channels and coordinate with external data sources such as NCSI to collect the data for geo analysis in the prescribed formats.

Collect and input geo-data into the GIS in line with the defined guidelines.

Review and analyze geo-data to provide accurate and timely geo inputs to support planning and decision-making.

Identify deficiencies or errors to ensure any incompatibilities are corrected prior to data entry.

Record geo-data using the assigned software/ systems and coding information as instructed and resolve processing problems in a timely and efficient manner.

Work with the IT team to ensure efficient mechanisms are in place for data backups, upgrades, and data integrity checks for the GIS.

Provide geo-data services to all internal and external stakeholders as required.

Detects and highlights any issues with the GIS system/ software, seeking technical support for timely resolution.

Update the NCSI portal with the latest geo-data in a periodic manner.

Adhere to all relevant quality, health, safety, and environmental procedures, instructions, controls, and role-specific QHSE KPIs in order to guarantee the safety of employees, quality of products/ services, and environmental compliance can be guaranteed.


Waste Evaluator Assistant Executive

Department: Industrial Waste

Qualification: Bachelor Degree

Experience: Fresh Graduate

Major: Chemistry

Job Description: Job Purpose:

To work with the relevant teams in be’ah to develop and implement operational plans of hazardous waste in accordance with the approved policies and procedures to analyze the manifest and determine the best treatment method.

Key Responsibilities:

·     Review the manifest and evaluate the waste before it arrives at Be’ah, deciding on which sampling and analyses are required.

·     Provide technical expertise in hazardous waste management to support departmental activities

·     Develop guidelines required for efficient and effective hazardous waste management as instructed by the line manager

·     Carry out waste evaluation in compliance with the defined parameters and report on the analyses carried out to support departmental activity

·     Perform waste evaluation activities as instructed by the line manager

·     Support in laboratory analyses of all hazardous waste as part of the evaluation procedure and to ensure proper utilization of facilities including treatment facilities, landfill sites, and transfer stations as required

·     Assistants' in developing the required recipe for Industrial waste treatment and pretreatment activities to ensure the best optimization of the facility.

·     Assist in the development of tender documentation, and technical evaluation of proposals received as required

·     Write technical papers and prepare standard operating procedures related to special waste treatment.

·     Communicate with waste Generators on all aspects of waste classification, ADR classification, packaging, labeling, and transportation to be’ah.

·     Archive the manifest-related documentation as per the document control guidelines for ease of reference and retrieval.

·     Assist with the development of data collection guidelines and methodology in line with the Waste Classification and Information system requirements.

·     Support in building up the interlinked guidelines and process between the Laboratory and waste evaluation. Perform other responsibilities and tasks as directed by the line manager in order to meet organizational objectives.

Adhere to all relevant quality, health, safety, and environmental procedures, instructions, and controls in order to guarantee the safety of employees, quality of products/ services, and environmental compliance.


Internal Audit Senior Specialist.

Department: Internal Audit

Qualification: Bachelor Degree

Experience: Minimum 8 years of relevant experience.

Major: Finance and Accounting

Job Description:


  Job Purpose:

To carry out internal audit services with a focus on review, examination, and testing of the company`s business policies, processes, internal controls, risk management, and governance as per the approved annual internal audit plan in an effective and efficient manner whilst ensuring compliance with the professional internal audit standards.

Key Responsibilities:

Perform full audit cycle processes including risk assessment, audit planning, and programming, audit execution, reporting, follow-up, and maintaining quality assurance of audit activities.

Assist in the development of the annual year risk-based audit plans and perform a risk assessment and identification of potential auditable areas as required by audit standards, IIA standards, COSO framework, and ISO 31000.

Execute assigned audit assignments as per approved annual audit plan, develop engagements audit planning and program, perform a detailed risk assessment to identify audit scope, objectives, and test procedures to examine internal control systems, and present developed audit plan and program to Head of Internal Audit for review and approval.

Conduct opening/closing meetings with management, discuss engagements in audit planning and program to execute the audits, discuss audit findings and ensure audit conclusions are based on a complete understanding of the process, circumstances, and risks.

Perform test procedure and process walk-throughs, document examinations, analytical reviews, reconciliations of data and transactions, and other procedures sufficient to formulate and express an opinion of internal control systems and present the results to the Head of Internal Audit.

Hold interim meetings with management, discuss audit progress, critical findings which require immediate action, and limitations to complete the audit.

Prepare draft audit reports including audit findings and recommendations, discuss with Head of Internal Audit for improvement prior to communication to respective management.

Prepare final audit reports taking into consideration management responses, recommendations, and action plan(s) whilst ensuring clear, concise, and complete audit observations have been reported.

 Track and review follow-up reports and implementation of action plans.

Review developed engagements audit plans and programs by Internal Audit staff, ensuring defined audit scope, objectives and timeline are in line with the risks identified at the time of risk assessment and internal audit planning.

Review drafted audit reports by the internal audit team, ensuring alignment of audit observations, risks, and recommendations prior to discussion with management.

  Review audit reports as directed by the Head of Internal Audit related to State Audit, quarterly/annual management accounts, or other external auditor reports, ensuring the accuracy of financial statements and footnote disclosures.

 Perform quarterly review of FS/ management account reports, review of the balance sheet, cash flow, income statement, VAT …etc. has depth understanding of tax law, business compliance, and financial regulations.

Overseeing staff`s performance and acting as a middle-man for team support, coaching and development.

Monitoring of quality assurance and improvement program, performing periodic self-assessments or ongoing internal assessments of internal audit practices, ensuring compliance with the code of ethics and established audit policies, standards, and statutory requirements while conducting audits.

Maintain all audit-related documentation in the prescribed formats as per document control guidelines for ease of reference and retrieval.

 Adhere to all relevant quality, health, safety, and environmental procedures, instructions, controls, and role-specific QHSE KPIs in order to guarantee the safety of employees, quality of products/ services, and environmental compliance.

Maintain the relationship and synergies with clients in gathering information, risk assessment, audit executions and communication, and adherence to IIA standards (IPPF) and code of ethics.

 Perform any other responsibilities and tasks as directed by the Head of Internal Auditing in order to meet organizational objectives.