This is an environmental campaign organized and supervised by Be’ah, which commenced with the launch of the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) across Muscat. Its main objective is to raise environmental awarness and educate people of different age groups on the importance of plastic recycling, build a recycling culture, and promote sustainable behaviors in our local communities.

About the Machine

The Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) are part of a major integrated collection system for PET where these automated machines utilize technology to identify, sort and collect used water bottles. It allows users to be part of a wide recycling act and an action maker in the bottle life cycle.

Be'ah is currently planning to deploy 50 reverse vending machines(RVM)for PET bottles.Collection as a pilot, 18 machines in each batch.

where to find RVMs


Benefits of Reverse Vending Machines

Convenient for End Users

     ●     Get users engaged in shaping a better environment.
     ●     Rewards for users ( get something from nothing).

Efficient for economy

     ●     Provide clean PET waste for local recyclers.
     ●     Maximize material value and maintain material properties.
     ●     Limit PET waste imports.
     ●     Support the economy.
Better for the environment (be’ah)
     ●     Landfill diversion.
     ●     Limit plastic littering.

How to Use

Go to the nearest RVM : 
  1. insert one clean empty bottle each time
  2. Insert the bottle directed from the bottom side (cap facing outside)
  3. Choose your reward
  4. Insert your phone number and fill the survey to join the monthly draw
  5. Follow us to know the monthly winner

Conditions for the disposal of plastic bottles

Before inserting the bottle make sure of the following:
  • It is a 200ml -1.5L water bottle (The machine doesn't accept juice bottles and soft drink cans)
  • It is empty and clean
  • It is intact and uncompressed  

Meet Our Heros

- The Reverse Vending Machine: My name is Hawader, my main mission is to reduce plastic use by recycling water bottles and extending its life. I am the bottle's refuge and home. A reward is due to anyone granting my bottles a second chance by collecting them and bringing them to me.

 - The Bottle: My name is The Water Bottle, I am of 500 ml capacity. I have been once the reason to quench your thirst, and it is your turn now to extend my life and take me to Hawader. To embark on my new journey, make sure that I am clean and intact.

The more you give the better you get

Enjoy numerous rewards with our campaign
#useful_again, every bottle holds a chance for a better life. This is true in collaboration with our partners:
      -  OmanTel
 Every bottle collected (in the RVM) is transferred immediately to Makasib points after you enter your phone number.
 You might be lucky enough to win a huawei smartphone in the monthly Omantel draw.
     -  Oman Oil
   - 25 riyals of fuel credit in Basma Plus card for three lucky winners monthly.



Users Potential Inquires  Answer 
      1. How do I use the RVM 1-Insert empty water bottle bottom first (cap facing user)
2- Chose the reward method you like
3- Insert phone number
4- fill out survey 
      2. Which type of bottles can the machine accept?  Only plastic water bottles 
      3. What are the rewards provided for RVMs users?  Omantel is offering 1 makasib point for each deposited bottle
2. 1 monthly draws on Huawei phones from Omantel.
3. 3 Monthly draws from Omanoil basma fuel cards and amazon vouchers
In the second stage location partners will be providing discount coupons. Please follow be’ah social platforms for latest offers .
      4. How many points are allocated for each bottle?  1 makasib point per bottle 
      5. How can I enter the monthly draws  By choosing coupons or points 
      6. How can I redeem my points?  You can redeem points instantly by redeeming them into makasib points or printing a coupon and entering the monthly draw, please follow be’ah social platform for more details 
      7. Can points be carried to the next transaction or is there any wallet for collected points  For now, No 
      8. Can users deposit an unlimited number of bottles each day?  Yes, there is no restriction on quantity of deposited bottles for the meanwhile 
      9. Will the collected bottles get recycled or treated?  Yes, collected bottles will be recycled into 3D printing filaments then into new products. 
      10. Can users get money instead of points?  No 
      11. What sizes of bottles can the RVM take?  A range of different sizes (starting from 50 ml up to 1.5 L) 
      12. Do the points have an expiration period?  You should redeem them instantly as the points cannot be carried to the next transaction. 
      13. Do I have to empty the bottle before depositing it in the machine?  Yes, you should make sure that the bottle is empty before depositing it in the machine 
      14. Do I have to remove the labels before inserting?  No, actually the label should be attached as the machine reads the barcodes 
      15. What is the capacity of the machine?  400 – 600 bottles 
      16. How can I register myself in the machine?  You can be registered by entering your phone number. 


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